Celebrating a Special Day - Gift Ideas

With crocuses and daffodils starting to show their bright heads above ground, thoughts turn to spring and to Mother’s Day. Like many of our social traditions, this special Sunday devoted to mothers has its roots in the past. From the eighteenth century onwards, working-class girls often left the family home very young to go into service. Traditionally, their employer would allow them to return home on the fourth Sunday in Lent which became known as Mothering Sunday. The girls had left home to help support their family with their wages, so money was tight, but they would pick posies of violets, snowdrops, primroses and celandines for their mothers on the way home as a gift. Nowadays, we leave the nest later, going to university, a flat-share or buying our own home. The original idea of honouring our mothers’ contributions to our lives, however, still remains a part of the social fabric. Here at Five Six Blue, we’ve got a range of beautiful clothes, accessories and homeware, guaranteed to make that special woman in your life smile bright. A soft oversized scarf is the ideal present for early spring. Choose your mum’s favourite colours and she can use it to add value to her existing outfits and to wrap up on chilly days. A statement silver ring, a sparkly silver plated hair clip or a soft leather bag also make great and thoughtful gifts.
hygge scarf Perfect gift for Mothers Day
Tutti & Co Hue Ring Silver Insta One size in silver plate to make a statement.
Our range of beautifully tailored T-shirts, some plain, some with decorative detail, are an ideal present. They can be worn every day, accessorised with a scarf or blazer and even double up as nightwear. Every gift you buy from Five Six Blue comes beautifully wrapped in tissue paper with a hand-written note, a personal touch your mum will love.
Nümph Watermelon T-Shirt Super soft and fun
Nümph Nuashlyn T-Shirt Lemon 'Squeeze me' lemon T-shirt
If you’d like to source a gift which will enhance the home, we’ve got a lovely range of scented candles and toiletries. Every time the candle is lit, the fragrance will remind your mum of you, in just the same way that those little bunches of wild flowers from hard working daughters showed their love for their mothers.
Plum and Ashby Seaweed and Samphire Candle Plant waxes & sublime coastal scent
Longer lasting than a posy, clothes, accessories and homeware gifts are unique and special. Whatever you decide to buy for your mum for Mother’s Day, if it’s from Five Six Blue, we guarantee she’ll feel like a star. To find out how we can help you to say, “Thanks Mum” on Mother’s Day, click here: https://fivesixblue.co.uk/ or ring 01284 787614.

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