Working from home - a capsule wardrobe

Working from home blog by Five Six Blue Boutique The limitations placed on us all by the need to try and control a global pandemic have been a shock to many (even writing those words feels a bit surreal). This new 'working from home' isn't as simple, or as cushy as it may first appear. Juggling the kids schooling/entertainment, childcare, snacks and trying to hear yourself think are some aspects, but what about video conferencing? Video conferencing is both a blessing and a curse. It's brilliant for keeping in touch with clients, bosses and networks, BUT how do you dress for success in the online business world from the waist up? Let's help you with that aspect with some tips on your WFH Capsule Wardrobe:
  • You need to be comfortable in the home environment but don't spend the day in your PJs - that's not the 'at work' you. Get showered, dressed and do your hair and make-up as if you are going out to work.
  • Make sure that you think about the top you are wearing whilst you are sitting down in front of your laptop. Check what it looks like in your phone camera before you go online for a video conference. Does it:
    • Look professional without actually being a suit?
    • Cover you enough that you aren’t revealing too much to your colleagues?
    • Allow you freedom of movement so that you can move your arms around?
    • Show up signs of nervousness (sweating for example)?
  • Be conscious that you are on camera and on a microphone – don’t pick your teeth, cough, hum or tut – the microphone will pick it and transmit it to everyone!
  • Tops in natural fibres in light coloured fabrics are good for video conferencing. They allow light to be reflected up to your face and don’t make you look like a dark blob on screen. You can be less stringent about what you wear on the bottom half – comfort is key here.
  • Keep jewellery light and unfussy – you don’t want bangles crashing down onto the surface or you fidgeting with a necklace whilst you are video-conferencing as this will disrupt the flow.
Here are a couple of outfit ideas that you could try:
mbyM Brandee Shirt white A white shirt will reflect light up to your face when video conferencing.
MbyM Eliana Cleo Print Trousers Trousers with elasticated waist look stylish and are comfortable to wear sitting down.
Chalk Cosy Socks - Biscuit A pair of cosy socks on when the heating cannot be on all day.
Chalk Tasha Top Grey Comfort and style is key to home-working
camo joggers blue Janine trousers Baum und Pferdgarten Camo joggers? No excuse needed...
Chalk Cosy Socks - Silver Just live in these!
Tutti & Co Reef Scarf Model Five Six Blue Boutique Add a scarf to cheer up your outfit - wear it like this if you are unsure how to tie it.
We are here if you need any styling help on your WFH wardrobe or any other version. Keep in touch with us via email, Instagram or Facebook and let us know how you are getting on. Stay safe xxx

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