Accessorising coats

Many of us simply don’t think about accessorising our coats but will add a scarf, a bag, a belt, a hat and even a brooch, whilst already wearing a necklace, a bracelet and earrings........we are literally weighed down with accessories! Coco Chanel is often quoted as saying, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror, and take one thing off.” Perhaps less really is more! You just need to think about your coat as an extension of your outfit and then you'll be fine, Clearly the weather plays a huge part in our decision-making, but on these autumnal days and nights, you really do have a good excuse for adding the odd tasteful piece or two to augment that outer layer. There are a couple of golden rules:
  • Keep it as simple as possible (think about what Coco said).
  • Think about your body shape as accessories can help to ‘disguise’ areas that you would rather not want highlighting. Eg. Wearing a thin belt if you are pear-shaped will only emphasise the fact (better to wear a hat and oversized scarf wrapped round your neck and shoulders to draw the eyes up). If you are an apple shape, then a scarf, worn undone and long, can draw the eye down the body.
  • You don’t have to match shoes, to gloves, to bag, to hat – unless you literally are the mother of the bride. It’s a bit dated. It's more modern to add a colour pop with either the shoes or the bag.
When it comes to accessorising your coat, the plainer the coat, the easier it is to accessorise. Here we have our fabulous Baum und Pferdgarten Davan Coat in animal print, which really needs nothing adding to it – it’s already warm, thick and does right up to the chin. Aside from a jaunty hat (if it's really cold), it speaks for itself. The Vilagallo Soho Coat in navy blue however, could easily take an accessory or two to change its look, depending on the occasion. Adding in an oversized scarf, such as our ICHI Felia Scarf with its checked pattern, would suit a casual look with denim and boots. The scarf could be worn folded as shown, or draped across the shoulders with the fabric flattened out. Adding a bobble hat with oversized pom-pom finishes this casual look off properly. Alternatively, using the same coat, and adding a more delicate scarf, such as this Baum und Pferdgarten Lisette scarf, with a Bell & Fox cross body metallic bag, can make the whole look smarter. Enjoy making your coat a focal point this autumn into winter season. You can always comment on the blog or email us your questions if you want to know more. Happy Autumn accessorising!

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