Rainy Day Outfit Ideas

What is this weather doing? No sooner have we arrived at Five Six Blue HQ dressed as if for a sunny day, when the sky darkens over, the wind whistles up and suddenly we are wishing we'd just pulled on those denims again....! Sound familiar? This British summer of ours is taking longer than usual to give us some consistency in bright sunny days, so we've decided to run through some styling tips and outfit ideas for these rainy, windy but (relatiively) warm summer days.
Outfit ideas - All-year layers
The trick to layering all year is to pick at least one enduring piece like the denim in Outfit 1 or a neutral colour like the white top in Outfit 2. The neutral or enduring piece doesn't look out of place in any season. By using these pieces as building blocks, you can then add pops of seasonal colour to suit the actual weather!
Outfit 1 - Rosemunde Danish Lace, Print and DL1961 Denim Jeans
These pieces are easy colours for the dullest days, but will still look good if the sun manages to break out from behind the clouds! If that happens, simply roll up the jeans to show some ankle, unbutton the tunic to expose more of the lacy vest and there you have it! A great layering combination. Wide Lace TankNicky Jeans Rosemunde Cool Tunic Outfit 2 - Minimum DK Ganja Kimono, Charli Amber Top, Minimum DK Vinna Trousers Double print? Yes, no problems, The easy monochrome of both jacket and trouser helps one compliment the other, particularly with the plain white top allowing the prints to be visually separated. This is a surprisingly easy style trick - as long as the colour palette is similar, as it is here, then you can put print next to print without a huge clash (unless you want to do that, which is a whole style in itself!). Charli London Amber Top Minimum Ganja Kimono Jacket Minimum DK Vinna Trousers

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