Easy Layering

Layer One:

Grab a lacy top for the bottom layer. These Rosemunde Vintage Lace Tanks are long enough to peek out at the bottom of another top and are silky soft against the skin too. We've picked this one in 'Marble', which is basically a rich clotted cream colour. The bottom layer should be close fitting to the skin. 5158-050

Layer Two:

Pick another top which should be looser than the first layer. This is really important or the two layers will try and compete with each other and you'll be forever fidgeting to pull the top layer down! We love the boxy fit of the ICHI Marita Top because it doesn't stick to layer one and it's funky and textured too!Ichi Marita TopLayer Three:

Now have some fun! Add a scarf, or a necklace, or go wild and add both! We love love love the Birds scarf in Cool White from Sence of Copenhagen as it seems to go with everything! See what you think......

Cool White Birds Scarf from sence

Layer Three (and a half):

Ok, we went wild and added the necklace too. Top tip though: Wear the scarf loosely round the neck just once or draped down each side - you don't want to tie the scarf to cover up this lovely necklace.

Pranella Krystal Mint Necklace

And that, lovely ladies is easy layering. Give it go with what we've suggested or mix it up with different coloured scarves and necklaces. Enjoy x

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