Pretty Layering

When out and about, we are often asked about ‘Layering’ – what does it mean and how do you do it? It can feel like a bit of a mystery, but it really is easy when you know how. Layering is a great way of using existing items in your wardrobe, perhaps in a slightly different way, and then adding new pieces to keep your outfit looking up to date. We will show you how to build a layered outfit on top, then you simply need to add some jeans and footwear and you are ready! Here at Five Six Blue HQ, we do love a bit of Danish lace, so let’s start at the bottom layer and work our way outwards to build an outfit: Layer One: This layer needs to be visible! Layering is not about adding thermal underwear; it’s about showing each carefully chosen piece so that the whole outfit hangs together properly. This is the longest and most fitted layer, so that it can be seen at the bottom and/or top of layer two.Rosemunde wide lace In our example, the first layer is a Rosemunde Wide Lace Tank in a light grey colour, worn so that the lace at the bottom shows. Layer Two: This layer should be a piece of knitwear, a shirt or a blouse that is looser and slightly shorter than the piece chosen for layer one. It’s important that this layer is looser than the first layer, or it will bunch up (and spoil the effect). Our second layer is a British Designed Wyse London Sienna Cashmere Jumper in grey with pretty blue stripes. The lace from the first layer will show at the bottom with a hint of lace at the neckline. Wyse London Sienna Jumper Layer Three: This is the layer that really defines this look. Here a gilet, a cardigan or a jacket can be added and all 3 would give a different look and feel to this outfit. This layer can be longer or shorter than the previous layers, because for some looks, this will be the final layer. Our third layer is a Vilagallo Soho Jacket in navy blue, a cross between a blazer and a coat! Vilagallo Soho Coat Layer Four: This layer is for finishing touches – a scarf, a statement necklace, or a brooch – whatever takes your fancy. Our fourth layer is a cashmere-mix Rosemunde Scarf in light grey. Rosemunde Crystal Embellished cashmere scarf Why not have a look through your wardrobe and see how many layers you can find? If you are missing a layer somewhere, then do have a look online at or find us on Instagram @fivesixblueboutique for plenty more outfit ideas this season. Until next time, happy layering!

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