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I was thrilled to be selected as a guest for Sam Burgess' Small & Mighty Business Podcast, a series of interesting conversations with independent business owners that celebrates and supports creative entrepeneurship. Sam and I chatted about our business journeys and some of the challenges that business owners need to tackle head on to succeed in the competitive world of retail. For me, building my business has always been about keeping the flexibility that my previous life as a military officer lacked and how it’s never too late to start living the life that works for you! We talked about the issues, the joys and the determination needed to run your own business and threw in some nuggets of business advice along the way. We also discussed the element of retail that I am really passionate about: getting to know your customer. It's harder to do, but even more important to pursue as an online business owner. Offering a human service behind a website is key to finding a loyal customer base amongst the vast array of faceless 'online boutiques'. I really enjoyed our conversation and the feedback so far has been incredibly positive! If you'd like to listen in you can find the Small and Mighty Podcast on iTunes, Spotify and Acast, or click the link below. Join in the conversation by following on Instagram and let me know your views. You can also read more about my career journey on the our story page.

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