Miss Pompom - Brand Focus

Miss Pompom accessories caught the eye at last summer's Scoop Show in London - they practically shouted out our name! Go bright, go bold, go, go, go! Picture the scene: It's windy, dark and the rain has that slightly horizontal look about it. Yes, welcome back to rugby season, and with it the delights of 'how to keep warm and still look stylish' whilst cheering on son/daughter/husband/wife/endless other possibilities from the sidelines. Now don't get me wrong, you don't need to be spectating at a Sunday league to wear our fab new brand of accessories, because Miss Pompom deserves to be seen outside at lots of places!
Miss Pompom is an independent knitwear brand based in Brixton in South London (a place which is famous these days for being ultra-cool and for an affiliation with David Bowie - these things may go hand in hand). Designers Bronwyn and Emily have created a gorgeously different vibe to all things pom-pom (funnily enough) and we have chosen a selection of their fabulous collection to share with you this season. The pieces that we have chosen are all made from Italian acrylic yarn, and are lovely and soft to the touch. Firstly let's talk beanie hats with pom poms:
Knitted pom pom hat Miss Pompom Beanie Hat - Black Stripe £28
Knitted beanie pom pom hat Miss Pompom Dash Beanie Hat £28
Beanie pom pom hat Miss Pompom Triangle Beanie Hat £28
We know you love monochrome, but we also know that you have a bit of a thing for a pop of yellow, so the black stripe hat had to be here. The Dash and Triangle range were more difficult, not because they aren't great, but because narrowing down the selection was tough! These beanies with pom poms should sit in the centre of the forehead square on, and none of your nonsense about putting them on so that they are tipped to the back of the head........! Moving swiftly on, we picked scarves to match, or semi-match because they are all tonal so you can switch around between stories! These are all lovely and oversized at 2 metres long and 34cm wide, they can be knotted, folded or simply wrapped to look gorgeous enough to be handed a scalding hot cuppa to sip whilst watching little Jonny rush past or disappear under a bundle of several members of the always much bigger opposition team. Sorry, it's not a bundle apparently. It's a ruck.....or a maul, I never know which is which.
oversized scarf Miss Pompom Dash Scarf in pink £42
winter scarf Miss Pompom Dash Scarf in cobalt £42
hygge scarf Miss Pompom Triangle Scarf in cream £42
Miss Pompom Linear Scarf (with pompoms!) £42 - possibly our secret favourite....
Finally, if you need an extra layer to protect your hands from the awful hot beverages, found across the land in clubhouses, then come and check out the mittens. Yes, mittens!
Womens mittens Miss Pompom Dash Mittens in cobalt £24
womens knitted mittens Miss Pompom Triangle Mittens in cream £24
We hope you enjoy shaking up the sporting sidelines/bonfire night/autumn walks as much as we will in our new Miss Pompom bright and cheerful accessories. Happy autumn!

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