What is Scandi Fashion?

From interiors to food - the Scandi aesthetic has exploded into our homes and our wardrobes in the last decade. But what is it about our Northern European neighbours' 'look' that appeals so much and how can we Brits emulate their laid-back brand of Scandi Fashion cool?

The Scandi Look Minimalist, modern, clean lines, layering.... 4 words that can sum up Scandi Fashion. Great design-led outerwear, knits, jeans and fantastic quality everyday basics, designed for layering - are all part of the Scandi wardrobe. 'Effortless cool' is perhaps the best term to describe the 'Scandi' approach to fashion, that and practicality. Whether it's the best trouser length for cycling, or a workwear wardrobe that is stylish yet works for a busy mum for her 12-hour days - Scandi Fashion is not about style over substance, it is very much about clothes that look great, yet are a joy to wear - think the 'Hygge' concept, but for clothing. With Scandinavia been dominated by a winter climate, they can't ignore the practical element of their clothing design - funnily enough crop-tops don't feature too heavily in the Scandi aesthetic! The Scandi use of colour and combinations is another signature - muted organic shades with an increasing mix of brighter pinks, reds and prints - all against a backdrop of monochrome, denim, leather and navy. Nothing too garish, graphic or neon. Why we wear it well In colouring, weather and body shape, we are closer to our Scandi neighbours than we are to our Continential counterparts. The colour palette of pastel shades is a flattering fit for many and their great layering pieces are perfect for the unpredictable British weather. It's also a really versatile look, with pieces working in a work and weekend wardrobe, making the cost per wear infinitely more affordable. Brands When I talk about 'Scandi Fashion' with customers they often struggle to think of brands but they're right under your nose! H&M, COS and Other Stories are all 'Scandi' brands in essence. The brands that I choose to stock at Five Six Blue Boutique are all designer Scandi brands who I feel epitomise this aesthetic - from the contemporary tailoring of 2NDDAY by Day Birger et Mikkelsen to the perennially useful layering pieces from Rosemunde (which are the perfect example of pretty and practical). They all bring something different to the table and help my customers curate that 'Scandi Fashion' look. Scandi street style icons If you need some visual inspiration - here are some of my favourite 'Scandi style icons': Scandi Fashion style icon Lucy Williams West London Blogger and Influencer, Lucy Williams always has a modern, feminine take on the Scandi look - a British hybrid of the Scandi look that I love. Pernille Tesibaek WWW Danish native, Pernille Tesibaek is stunning and the perfect poster girl for the Scandi Fashion aesthetic. From her design-led knitwear, autumnal palette of navy and neutrals and feminine take on tailoring and layering - she defines the look, perfectly. Fashion squad Carolina Engeman Swedish Carolina Engman is the original 'Scandi Style' blogger - launching her style blog, Fashion Squad in 2006. I love her monochrome palette, adding colour through her accessories - I'd love to let her loose in the Five Six Boutique stock room! I hope that's helped you visualise what exactly the 'Scandi Fashion' look is all about - if you'd like some help putting together an outfit for a specific occasion, I'd love to help. Just get in touch via our contact page.

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